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Hedgehogs have several problems in captivity. Knowing these problems can add years to your pets life.


Diet is a huge factor for his vitality. Your hedgehog is what he eats!


Hedgehogs are amazing! They are trainable, showable, and even compete in olympics!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dear Hedgehog Lover

If you have a hedgehog or are thinking about getting one this is going to be the most important website you read all year.


There is an amazing new guide called "Hedgehog Heaven". It covers everything you need to know about caring for hedgehogs and keeping them in tip top shape.

Imagine having the most loving, playful pal. Your friends will be amazed. You will learn what the experts know about training a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are easy to keep but only if you know how to make them happy and stress free.

You see 90% of problems with hedgehogs can be prevented.

All you have to know is what not to do and what to do!

Happy Hedgehogs Will Have A Strong Immune System That Fight Off Disease


Hedgehog Heaven

hedgehog heaven


The Ultimate Guide To Keeping
Your Loved Hedgehog
Happy, Healthy, and Entertained

Now You Can Discover For Yourself
The Best Hedgehog Care Secrets
That Most Hedgehog Owners Never Learn


 Here's just a fraction of what you'll learn:

hedgehog care The ideal housing area... Get this wrong       and disaster could strike.

Headgehog CareThe quick check list of everything you          should check before purchasing your new pet

Headgehog Care Revealed... How To Make Him Love You!

Headeghog Care Choose the right diet so he will thrive.

Headgehog Care Where you should house your hedgehog.

Headgehog Care The basics of food analysis.

Headgehog CAre The advantages and disadvantages of           treats.

Headgehog Care How to know when he needs a vet.

Headghog Care Quick tips on how to pick the best                 hedgehogs for pets... do this wrong and you'll have problems for his lifetime.

Headgehog Care What sex you should choose and why.

Headghog Care What toys are best... And what foods to       avoid.

Headghog CareDiscover how long your hedgehog will           live.

Headgehog Care Questions you must ask the seller, this         alone will help you loads.

Headgehog Care The important steps you should take to         get him to bond to you.

Headgheog Care How to distinguish between colors and the excepted standard for the breed.

Headghog Care The quick fix for grumpy hedgehogs and       how to get them to like you.

Headgehog Care The one Safety tip that could save your         hedgehogs life.

Headghog Care How to recognize health problems and         what needs to be done.

Hedgehog Care How to make a homemade diet and grow     your own mealworms.    

Hedgehog Care Plus much much more...


'Hedgehog Heaven' is packed with helpful advice and I know you're going to be overjoyed after reading it. Just look what a couple of hedgehog lovers had to say after reading this amazing ebook...


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Thanks for writing such a great ebook on hedgehogs. I've found the answers to so many questions I had unanswered before reading this. I now feel confident about giving my hedgehog the best care."

James, Mason, TX


My hedgehog is Happier than Ever

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I've followed your advice and now my hedgehog is happier than ever. His health seems to have improved loads thanks to your advice.

I'm also going to start using your tips on exercise and play to keep him in shape.

Thanks again"

Cindy, Stafford, VA


What's Your Precious Hedgehog's Life Worth

What's it worth to have this guide by your side telling you how and what to do every step of the way. This amazing information is written in plain English. Which means it's dead-easy to read and understand. And logically laid out.

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