Terrific TUESDAY

Terrific Tuesday!!

Every Tuesday

Active Surfer REWARD!

Surf 200 win 100 credits!

Surf 300 For Entry Into These Prizes!

2 x One Month Red Hot Upgrade
5 x 1000 Mail credits + 500/500/500 Credits
1x 1000/1000/1000 Credits
4x 250/250/250 Credits



3-way Thursday


Every Thursday
Surf 300 to get into the draws.
No support ticket required

1x One Month Red Hot Upgrade
5x 1000 Mail Credits + 300/300/300 Credits
1x 1000/1000/1000 Credits
2x 500/500/500 Credits

Surf All THREE Sites, One Overall Winner
One 3-day Full Page Login Ad + 1000 Credits & 2500 banners/Texts at site of your choice

(please send in a support ticket to claim your Overall prize)



Fabulous FRIDAY!

WTH      HWT

Every Friday!

Surf 300 to get in the draws
1 x One Month Red Hot Upgrade
10 x 1000 Mail Credits
4 x 250/250/250 Credits
(no Admin ticket required)

Surf 300 at both Website-Traffic-hog & HotWebsiteTraffic to be added into the grand prize drawings of
1x One Month Upgrade

(at the site of your choice) 


Weekend Fun Surf



Every weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Just surf 300 pages over the two days to be in the draw for these prizes:

2x One month Red Hot Upgrade
5x 1000 Mail Credits
10x 500 Mail Credits
4 x 500/500/500 Credits
4 x 250/250/250 Credits


Good luck!


Please take a moment and vote. I appreciate you!

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